Hi everyone,
I recently bought my first long playing record, B'lieve I'm Going Down by Kurt Vile for those interested. I got out my dads old record player and hooked it up to my guitar amplifier. It works great but I was wondering what the difference would be if I used ''regular'' loudspeakers. Would the sound be better or would it make no difference?

Thanks, Koen
Hey Koen,
The speakers in your guitar amp are not made to playback music. They are for amplifying guitars, and have the frequencies guitars produce in mind. Regular *quality* loudspeakers would most likely give you a better, balanced sound. I'd also be worried about damaging the speakers due to the bass frequencies, but I heard that's just a myth, and that guitar amps can actually handle bass guitars; it just won't sound very good.

Cheers, Baxter
Thanks for the answers. I'll keep using my amp for now, seems to work fine. Maybe in the future I will invest in some speakers.