Hi guys.
Can you please tell me the difference between Cort X-1 and Cort G110? I listen mostly alternative rock, punk rock, classic rock, hard rock, rock'n'roll... I love Green Day, The Rasmus, Nirvana and Guns'n'Roses.
The 110 is a very well made instrument with decent pickups and hardware and pretty versatile to boot, being a HSS strat copy. The X is just a starter superstrat (dual humbuckers). Can't go wrong with either of them but personally, I'd go for the 110. You can also check out the Harley Bentons, extremely good instruments for the money and on par with much pricier Chinese instruments.
X-1 and G-110 both feature an Agathis style body with a bolt-on Canadian Hard Maple Neck with a Rosewood fretboard, also having a 6 screw vintage tremolo.

Here are the differences:

X-1 has a jumbo 24 fret fretboard while the G-110 features only 22.
This means the X-1 is a lead guitar whilst the G-110 is a rhythm.

The X-1 has PSEG4-1F & PSEG4-1R pickups, both dual coil humbuckers
The G-110 has PSEG5W-5F & PSEG5W-5M & PSEG4W-2R, first two single coil, last being a dual humbucker

The X-1 has one volume knob, one tone knob, and a 5 way pickup selector.
The G-110 has one volume knob, two tone knobs, and a 5 way pickup selector.

There are a few other minor differences if you want to be technical, but these are the most prominent.

They are both good beginner guitars, and I would recommend the X-1 if you're into rock and metal and want to dabble in leads, but the G-110 if you'd like to be a little more versatile and play some blues and jazzy stuff.
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