I have not seen much talk about these yet. Or really anything at all- I found out about them from one of this year's NAMM magazines at work. I cannot even find a full list of the preamp models, but at least half of them are Marshall-based according to the official site. Which could suggest that a lot of the processing for the preamps is based of each other, considering their price point as well.

Yeah, I get that it is a Marshall product so they want to push their name, and I get that any company's amps are based off of that same company's other amps, but it raises some flags for me. It just suggests that you are not getting that much of a difference between the first 7 models. As someone who works in the music store, that makes me uncomfortable with suggesting such a product. And yes I know a JTM45 is not the same thing as a JCM 2k. I am still doing research on them, but the only other model I can hear about is a "USA Clean" sound. I am sure for legal reasons they cannot say "Fender" or "VOX" but they can at least give some sort of information on the other 7 models.

And I have plenty of experience with MG's to hear those same kind of nuances in the videos for the CODE amps listed above. Thin and fizzy... But I have not had any hands-on experience with the CODE series (yet) so I am not solid in anything I have said, they may be absolutely great for what they are! Which is why I am asking...

What do you think? Do you have any experience with them?
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Nothing there suggests anything along the lines of the MGs to me Not to say these'll be any better but they'd be hard pressed not to; not really tempted to make any calls based on a Youtube video.
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Just Marshall's latest entry in the modeler market.

I'll reserve judgement, since I've neither seen nor played one.

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Not to say these'll be any better but they'd be hard pressed not to;

Yeah, that's a pretty achievable goal.
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