Hey I need some help now....I have been playing acoustic and classical guitar before and now planning to get a electric guitar...but I can't make a choice between ibanez gio 170dx or yamahaYamaha rgx121z....pls help ...and this both guitar is a used guitar in pawn shop(it much cheap than original) pls give your though and opinion
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Just checked them out online. Honestly not much stands out between them. If the price is exactly the same, I would get the Yamaha as it has a standard tremelo and not floyd knockoff (should be easier to set up and change strings). Also I think once you get some experience, the next step is a quality Ibanez, and I don't want you to dislike the brand with a cheapo!

There are tons of great brands, I just love Ibanez so really that last comment shouldn't be taken seriously.

If possible I would recommend buying these used, as you will definitely want to upgrade within a year given you practice regularly.
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the ibby doesn't have a floyd knock-off so ignore 21GunSalute

it has a standard 2 point floating trem

the ibby Gio GRG170DX was actually my first 'new' proper guitar i bought with my own money and all that, and i still own it and play it regularly, it feels so nice and it sounds alright, don't get me wrong, the pickups could do with an upgrade but the feel of the guitar is gorgeous, maybe i struck very lucky with it and it just feels right in my hands but it's a solid instrument and nothing has ever gone wrong, electrics still work perfectly, no action issues ever, no de-tuning issues as the machine heads seem good, though i don't abuse the trem arm i just use it for light vibrato.

no experience with the pacifica but me personally, i can't recommend the ibby gio enough for a beginner guitar.
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I would vote for the Yamaha. I haven't heard many good things about the lower end Ibanez guitars, but the Yamahas are solid entry level machines.
You have been playing acoustics for awhile. See if the guy at the pawn shop will let you play them a little bit. Get the one that feels better to your hands. Don't worry about the features so much right now.
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I would agree with '21gunsalute' over the yamaha about the tremolo, if you have to choose between only those two guitars.

But really it depends on what you want to play, in some cases a cheap squire or epiphone new can be good if you have enough money to upgrade things like the pick-ups and possibly the trem (if you use that sort of thing). (some start around £90)

If you're in the UK check out the iron-stone pickups to go in any guitar you choose- they're (in my opinion) the best pickups around and they start at like £30 a set. Which is a great price and would allow you to begin without such crap sounding guitars. (no affiliation BTW)
Entwistle pickups are great value too. Plenty of bang per buck. Also Yamaha over a Gio any day of the week.
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checkout rondomusic.com solid guitars on the cheap.
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I'm in the "try them out" camp, if at all possible.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
I agree with bjgrifter. But if not possible, my vote is the Ibanez, they served me well when I was starting out.
I don't recommend a Gio ... If you can't wait and save a bit more for a used RG, go for the Yamaha
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I don't recommend a Gio ... If you can't wait and save a bit more for a used RG, go for the Yamaha

Agreed. I almost bought an rg450dx. Fell in love with the guitar when I was messing around at GC with it. Great guitar for the budget but save yourself money and buy USED. In the end, its whatever feels right in your hands.
For me, I would A B test them back to back. Depending on the amp you use, I would bring it into the store and ask to A B test them, assuming you're not running a 100 watt Marshall and full stack that is. That's the best way to choose a guitar in my experience after feel etc. Feel is something that you can grow into, if it sounds like shit then you're going to be pushing it up hill right from the start. What is the stores return policy? If they will give you your dough back if you don't like the guitar then there's no harm really if you choose the wrong one for you.