I just wanted to share my personal soundcloud profile on here, I have songs from various projects I'm involved in and I'm just curious what you think of them, I'll be online again this Wednesday, late evening (UK time) to respond to any questions, critique etc and I am happy to return the favour if you want to share anything. Thank you for your time, I look forward to any and all feedback.


I checked out Mechanical Skank - The Haunting. I'm not really familiar with the genre but I hear a lot of elements: searing lead guitar, synth in the background, bass and hi-hat patterns. The repetition is very trance-like and a bit creepy. This could definitely fit into a horror movie. As the track went on, I felt like the hi-hat was a little distracting. Perhaps the levels can be turned down just a bit. The transition at 5:30 was great. I liked the accented rhythms played on guitar. It sounds almost industrial. Overall, this was an enjoyable listen.

Can you check out my track Mind and body at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1698654 ?
Hi silvadolla, thanks for taking the time to check out my music and provide feedback, it's really hard to convey just how much I appreciate it with mere text!

I'm currently with my housemate who's watching a film, in most cases I'd stick my headphones on, but with movies I'd rather not interrupt his immersion. As soon as I go down stairs to get some work done however, I will absolutely return the favour. Hold tight and thanks again!
I'm a mechanical engineer, so I listened to Mechanical Skank: the first minute is mostly noise. Relieved music finally started by 1:30 (I'd shorten that intro a lot). After that it is peppy & pleasant for me, though it could use some vocals in my opinion; or a video to go with it. Crazy song ending! Please review my music at this link:

Hey, thanks for the feedback aaron.
In regards to the intro, I thought about changing it, but as it's two of us making it, we gotta work it out between us when we have different opinions. I did mention it but he said he wanted it to sound like that. I might have a little stab at production and just chop that bit off myself some time for the version on my profile, as my concern is that some listeners will give up on it before it really gets going.

Video or vocal... or video AND vocal! :O Excellent suggestion dude, I'll definitely try and arrange for that.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the ending sounds, and I believe some elements of the song itself, are sourced from his Amiga games console which he's re purposed as a MIDI interface.
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