I'm looking for primarily a mid boosting overdrive pedal but need some
advice on what would work best for what I need with my amps and

1. What I need is mostly to boost an already very distorted amp to
boost solos and to add extra gain to certain riffs (think the first
time Metallica plays the main riff to 'Creeping Death') but not colour
the amp tone too much but rather boost it / make it dirtier.

2. My amps are : Orange Th30 and a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 combo. My
signal chain is :
> Dunlop Wah > TC Polytune > EHX Pitchfork > (Where I'd probably put the overdrive pedal?) > EHX Neo Chorus > Mxr Phaser > Boss RC3 Looper.

3.The pedals I've been mostly looking at are :
> -Fulltone OCD
> -Ibanez TS808
> -Ibanez TS9
> -MXR Distorion Plus
> -Rockett Archer / Ikon
> -Supdecay Super Nova
> -Walrus Audio Voyager
> -Walrus Audio Iron horse
> -Walrus Audio Plainsman
> -Wampler Tumnus

4.Another way of doing I think would be getting an overdrive for solos
and a separate distortion pedal for the OTT gain effect e.g. a TS808
and an MXR Distortion+, and possibly stacking them?

As you can see, it's quite open! I have a Maxon ST9 Pro Plus, but I
can't get the sounds I want out of it and its way too hissy for my
liking when cranked / drive turned up. Which of these pedals do you
think would be best, or is there another one you could recommend?

Also, I know I should try them myself but there aren't many of these available where I live and almost every online video uses them through a clean amp as opposed to an already dirty amp which I need it for!

Have you tried using the Maxon as a clean boost? Turn the drive all the way down and the level all the way up. You can put the tone knobs wherever you want them. That'll probably serve you best for a lead boost. Also, the drive all the way up generally makes for bad tone anyways, especially if you are already using the crunch channel on your amp.
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I have a fulltone fat boost on my to buy list. You can find them for $50 quite easily.

I am not big on the OCD, personally and I do have one. TS9 and TS808's are almost indistinguishable.

If you want more of a flat boost i would look into a timmy.

Maybe a fulldrive?

What settings are using on the pedal and amp?
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Dude, I've got the mid-boost version of the Xotic effects BB preamp. The difference to the ordinary one is that it's got a pot for a middle boost. Look that up, sounds killer with my EVH 5150 at least!
Green Rhino and Duncan 805. Both give a singing tone and are more versatile than Ibanez's. You can't reign in the mid hump of Ibanez's tube screamers. The 805 does so more than the GR but you lose some gain, so I think the Green Rhino would be best for you. Very sustain-ful at all settings, gives more boost in the level knob overall than a lot of drives I've tried.

Though I never played one: Timmy's get a lot of praise here for not coloring a boosted tone.

Ibanez's tube screamers aren't one trick ponies but compared to what's out there, it seems they are. I had the TS mini for a while and I hated I couldn't dial the mids back.

More important than my pedal suggestion: When you boost an amp you should do as much of the boosting with the level knob as you can, add drive as necessary (too much=muddy/noisy), tone to taste. So make sure the Maxon you currently have does so well for you before making any purchases.
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I picked up a Budda Zenman Boost/Overdrive for my clean boosting wants. It does great at not changing the EQ with only the Boost on. The Overdrive has a Vintage and Phat setting to change the EQ along with the Tone knob. Check one out.
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do you want a mid boost or do you not want to colour the tone too much? because, unless i'm misunderstanding what you're asking for (which is entirely possible and maybe probable ), those two things are kind of mutually exclusive if you ask me.

if you want a mid boost get something tubescreamer or boss sd1-based. loads of clones around. (if you don't know of any just ask, but i don't want to make a massive list if you already know )

if you want a flatter, more transparent boost (i.e. with a flatter tone without the massive mid boost of a tubescreamer) you have several options (and again, clones exist for a lot of these):

boss blues driver
xotic rc boost
probably a bunch more options that i'm forgetting

or you can get pedals which will sort of do both:

nobels odr-1
digitech/hardwire tube od (discontinued but only recently so still available most places new- this one would be my pick)

i'd also skip the mxr distortion +, i like it for some things but it's a bit of a one-trick pony and there are better pedals available these days (at least for more modern tones).
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Green Rhino and Duncan 805. Both give a singing tone and are more versatile than Ibanez's. You can't reign in the mid hump of Ibanez's tube screamers. The 805 does so more than the GR but you lose some gain, so I think the Green Rhino would be best for you. Very sustain-ful at all settings, gives more boost in the level knob overall than a lot of drives I've tried.

The 805 Overdrive has an active EQ that allows you to boost or cut 3 EQ bands, so no more missing bass or overbearing mids like in many ODs.
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As far as Mincer's suggestions, keep in mind that he's a salesman for Seymour Duncan, so of course those will be the best overdrives
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In all fairness one of my guitarist friends bought their tubescreamer knockoff a few years ago and it is a good pedal, cheaper than Ibanez.
I don't know if anyone said this, but you aren't going to get a great solo boost just by hitting the preamp harder, especially when you have a heavily distorted output already. you are just going to add more saturation. Which you might want, but you are most definitely not going to get a lot of volume, especially with just a normal OD like a ts9. maybe the OCD since it's so ridiculously strong. a mid boost can help you cut through the mix, but that'll probably be about it. What amp are you running?
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Thanks everyone for the advice!
I mainly have the dirt channel at around 1 / 2 o clock distortion and reasonably scooped mids, so its not massively distorted but heavy enough to get away with for example Megadeth songs, but I tend to dial it back to around 11o clock for say Thin Lizzy or AC/DC like tones!
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Just to summarize some of the key points brought up through out the posts and add a little.

1. boosting the front of an overdriven amp will give you more saturation - i.e. more diistortion/dirt but won't greatly impact the volume.

2. boosting an overdriven amp with a dirty signal generally won't give you much more dirt than with a clean boost but it will make your signal muddy. Stacking dirt pedals on top of each other in front of an OD amp - as you have described - will also just make more mud

3. to get more dirt set your boost pedal to zero or very low gain, turn the level/volume to max and the pedal eq to your ear, this will give you more dirt and usually tighten the low end up a little.

4. The pedal you already have is probably just as capable of boosting your amp as any you are looking at, just change the way you are setting the pedal - see point 3 above.

5. if you don't like the sound of your pedal I would suggest any of the mentioned TS clones might also throw in the Joyo Vintage Overdrive (TS clone). If you want a more transparent boost I really like my Caline Pure Sky (timmy clone - or so I'm told) lots of volume, has treb and bass controls, is miles cheaper than a real timmy and is also a great pedal on its own.

6. to get a volume boost you should put a clean boost in the effects loop thereby hitting the power amp harder and giving a volume boost, a dirt pedal set to a clean boost will also work.
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Probably too late to the party here, but if you're still pondering;

The vfe ice-scream is basically what you're describing.
It's like an enhanced st-9 with more options and more user-adjustable parameters.

You can adjust the input impedance before the mid-boost and set the focus-point of the mid-boost with the top knob.

hpf/lpf both have knobs to dial in how open or closed you want the spectrum.

Tone-knob's boost/cut corner-frequency is movable via an internal trim.

Doesn't have the low-boost toggle, but who cares anyways since you can set your own filters and select you're own clipping options internally.
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I don´t have all the know-how like many other folks here, but at least I can share my humble experience. Currently I use two OD pedals, like this:

Maxon OD808 - I use it as a clean boost for an already distorted amp sound and it works perfectly in giving that distortion more bite, more aggression, tightening it up, but without colouring the tone. Setting for this: minimum drive, maximum level and tone between 9 and 12 o clock.

Xotic RC Booster - I use this one to add a fatter bottom and at the same time more sparkle at top end to my amp´s clean tone. Setting to achieve this: minimum drive, maximum level, bass and trebble controls at around 2 o clock.

And this is the rig I use it for: Engl E530 preamp + VHT 2/50/20 power amp.

That´s about it, hope it helps.
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