I've been talking to this lady who is selling her sons Ibanez s520ex, he's off to collage.
The thing still has the protective plastic over parts, matte green and looks fantastic. She's asking $375, what would be a good offer? don't think $375 in fair. Also, I'm still new to playing, coming along very well though but still new, and this guitar has no inlays, just the slash at the 12th, I don't see that being a show stopper even for a beginner but would like some input on that. I'm actually fine with my Gio, not really feeling a connection with it though, I'm sure its just the user and we will jell eventually.
My other thoughts were about an Oscar Schmidt oe20, Gold. I absolutely love the look and finish of that guitar, looking back at reviews here on site apparently I would have to replace pups, and actually most if not all hardware. Then I would l have a total of around $400 into it. Last but not least, also looking at this sweet used Epiphone Studio Deluxe at GC for around $275. Its kinda clear which way I should go, but man I do love the look of that Oscar. Anyway, just looking for some input.
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Since you are fairly new I would suggest making a thread about your budget and what you are looking for in a guitar. Buying used is always the best bet. A lot of times guitars might be aesthetically pleasing but play terrible and have a plethora of issues. For $275, which i am assuming to be the low end of your budget you can get some decent guitars that will play loads better than the OS and Epi Studio.

Might I suggest looking into Agile guitars (rondo). They are great guitars, not only for beginners but anyone. They play really well and are solid guitars, given their price point. They also tend to hold their value in comparison to their new counterpart very well. Just a thought.
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I would pass on Oscar Schmidt.

The ibanez is a great guitar. That isn't a terrible price either. Maybe try $350?
Thanks guys, I think I'm just going to curb my appetite for a minute. Took my GRX70 to GC yesterday and spent about 1hr1/2 looking for something to exchange it with. The only thing in my price range at the moment that I liked was an Epiphone SG, and I don't even like'em at all, don't like that way they look or anything. But dang it felt so good, and like I said I played everything pretty much on the wall I could afford. The higher end Epi LP's felt good and were my next choice but didn't feel better that what I already had. Then I sampled some Squires, no offence to anybody...but they didn't do anything for me at all, didn't like any of them, they didn't have any standards though. Yamaha? no. Over at the used section was some really high end stuff and didn't really get into any of them. Anyway, just picked up some strings and the Cord Encyclopedia, a fretrest wall hanger. I feel a little different about my Ibanez now, to be honest I don't think I could have gotten anything better for the $199 I paid for it now that I think about it.
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Quote by trashedlostfdup
I would pass on Oscar Schmidt.

I wouldn't. I've got an OE30 and if the OE20 is at all similar in quality it's a great guitar just waiting for a set of good pickups.
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Go used, you can grab a Ltd 400 series at that price easily.
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I think the carpenter in me loved the OE20. I'm just going to keep playing and save up, as time goes I'll know more about my playing and what I'm really looking for. Right now I just seem to be throwing darts in the dark.
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