I purchased a new Fender Jaguar HH a few weeks ago from eBay. Right away, I noticed a problem with the beveled edge of the pick guard. I was informed that the guitar was not under warranty because I didn't purchase it from an authorized dealer. I purchased a new Fender pick guard from Darren Riley only to find the same issue with the pick guard. I returned it, and Fender advised me to special order one from Guitar Center due to price matching. I picked it up today only to find the same issue. Again, I called Fender and I was told to buy another one. I'm tempted to buy an aftermarket one from WD, but I've read stories about holes not lining up, and I'm not sure that is the route I want to go down. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I hate to trade it in for something else because of a pick guard, but I'm disappointed that I can't get a decent pick guard for an $800 guitar. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did it have that separation before you installed it? From the pic it looks as if you installed the plastic guard, then put the metal control plate on over the top of it. If I'm right my fix would be to take a little of the edge of the plastic guard so that it doesn't overlap the control plate.
The pick guard in the photo is the one that originally came with the guitar. I did not remove it, or install any of the replacement pick guards. It appears the problem with the layering is during the manufacturing process. The two replacement pick guards were not as bad as the one pictured, but there are definitely cracks and separation issues with the layering.
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Interesting, I haven't encountered that before as a systematic problem. Is it just the one spot, or all around the edge? I can think of two options:

Go to one of the high-end custom pickguard makers.

Repair one of the ones you have. - Superglue should do the trick. - Mask it up, drop fill the cracks, clamp if necessary, scrape/file/sand it back flush