The type of music that even lamers would dig if it was given polish. Why did this never catch on? Language? Location? Does it actually suck and I can't tell? Very exciting melange of traditional Heavy and 80's USPM with plenty of progressive elements you might expect from White Collar leaning acts. Fantastic riffing and song composition, melodic chops, tight musicianship, and an atmosphere that, when it comes to comparisons it really leaves me at a loss.

Admittedly I would wager that many a folk here might find this too honest. Not in how raw and unproduced it is, but this is very much untainted by the "No feels allowed" doctrine that many and most acts adhere to it. It's not mushy, but it will write a song for mother ya know? And who wouldn't? Paul Ledney's material is mostly written for his mother.

The Swords and Sorcery here are strong but come from the near East. Foreign but close to home. Majestic and brimming with character you really don't hear else where.

Dig it.
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this is very much untainted by the "No feels allowed" doctrine that many and most acts adhere to it.

This is my favourite type of metal. How many times have I cried to Warning? I'll never admit to that number.

Requiem For Mother: If only I could understand what they're saying. I think you can pick up the idea behind their music well enough not to have to understand the lyrics in this case. Rambling again I am. Great stuff as always Vamps. Requiem for Mother is beautifully done, with the whispy sounding keys (I think?) in the background in perfect harmony with the drums. His vocals breaking through just hit me right in my heart. It's the good kind of manly tears you can shed without being judged.
I'm all about the feels. It's good. Riffs are good. The prog influence gives the songs interesting structure. It reminds me a little of Helstar's Nosferatu, but this is actually a little more embellished and dare I say slightly more sophisticated in it's compositions. In addition to the heavy/power/prog palette there's a lot of doomy stuff in there too.
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