Dear all,

i am afraid my beginner's knowledge isn't enough yet...

Can anyone pls provide chords/Tabs for the unplugged Version of midge ure's "guns and arrows".

It is not posted here so far and i tried already myself to see/hear it from yt Videos...i was not successful...
the chord when he starts to sing Looks like the barre-less F, C or Dm, but all of them Sound wrong when i Play with the stream.

i did not find any Information wether he uses alternative Tuning.

i would highly appreciate some hint/Support on this

thx a lot

Yep, just had a go and it worked out the chords. There are several versions of the song in different keys so you will need to chordify the version you want. Chordifying takes only a short while (10 seconds).
"Live at Jubez Karlsruhe 2014"
B (come lay your head..) (D flat minor) (A flat) (Db)

Alternatively from Guns & Arrows (live) we have it in a different key.

Dminor (come lay your) Aminor D minor D F C A C A Dminor F A
great hints...thx a lot guys.
never heard of chordify, to be honest

sry for the delay. i was off for a few days

PS: i would prefer the Version of his wonderful CD breathe again, released late 2015
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the chordify tipp was worth a "bucket of gold", as we germans say...thx guys. i really do appreciate your help