Hi everyone! I'm new here and just got my first chord submission approved. YAY! I'm looking forward to many future submissions.

First, here's my submission:

So here's my question. If you look at my submission, you'll notice several places where there's a G6 chord right next to a G6 chord. So, it says G6 G6. When I submitted for approval, it said G6add11 G6. That's kind of an important distinction. I noticed that the site didn't recognize what a G6add11 was, so could that be the reason for the change?

Also, there were a few places where the chord placement got changed. So, the chords, after being approved, aren't exactly over the words where the change takes place, but I was meticulous in the chord placement before submission.

If someone could help me understand what I need to do for future submissions to prevent editing after the submission process, I'd much appreciate it.

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Well, I got impatient and tried to edit my submission to add back the G6add11. To my surprise, it worked without having to resubmit for approval. So, YAY!

Now, my next question (and maybe I should start a new thread?) is, when I hover over a chord that the site recognizes as indicated by blue text, it shows the viewer how to make that chord. Is there a way I can add a G6add11 to the chord library for that function?
First of all when you're making a tab on your computer use the font where characters have the same width (courier new for example).
When some chord is not highlighted you can try pressing CTRL+1 on the keyboard to force the system to recognize it. If the chord is in UG library it will get highlighted. G6add11 is not yet in our library but we'll add it soon.