Thought about doing something different than usual, not sure if I nailed it but its new territory for me.

So hows it go bros?
35 Floors Up.gp5

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This sounds fantastic, man. The note choice was perfect throughout this thing.

I love the chill, contemplative mood you establish with the very first few seconds of Track 1. The keys at measure 10 were notably awesome. The drums here are killer. The the feel of everything when it shifts to 3/4 was excellent. I have to bob my head there. Loved the bouncy catchiness of 45. 50-52 sounded amazing and segwayed perfectly into 53. Beautiful textures in 56-57. Track 2 at 75-82 is really hypnotizing. Nice cymbal work in there, too.

Big fan of the way the rhythm section locks in at 83. The bass line is sweet. The piano at 107-110 might be my favorite section of the piece. So much swagger in that bit. Loved the way you wrapped it up with the keys and drums. I had tons of fun with this and I can't think of anything bad to say about it, really. I extremely appreciate the fact that all of the instruments were written strongly. The drum grooves were just consistently nasty in the best way.

Also, it'd be awesome if you could give me a crit on this, whenever you have the time. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1697642
Hi EpiExplorer, thanks for commenting on my compositions. I listened to your song a few times and wrote some notes. I hope that you will find some of them helpful.

-I quite like the main theme, especially the keyboards and bass. However, the keyboard chords that first appear in bar 16 do not fit to my ears. Also, as pleasant as the main theme is, it grows a bit repetitive by the time it returns at bar 54.
-Bars 41-44 sound awkward to me. Deleting them works, but a break from the eighth-note triplets at that location does seem necessary. Consider trying something else there.
-Cool hi-hat and toms in bars 83-90.
-Bars 91-106 are nice but do not leave a strong impression.
-The transition from bars 107-110 into 111 is rough, both in rhythm and note choices.
-Bars 111-118 sound awkward. As with bars 41-44, this seems to happen when you break the triplet feel, but I understand the need to do so.
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