I just recently bought a WCD18CE Acoustic and I am concerned for its care.

I read the sticky and it suggests that I should use a humidifier with the hygrometer-doo-hick during the winter months. Okay.

But what about summer? I live about 30 minutes inland from the coast on North Carolina. Our summers can be both dry and humid so I am not sure.
get a hygrometer. test it and - if necessary - calibrate it. then use it to discover the relative humidity where you keep your guitar. don't worry about the season, just the humidity or lack thereof.

summer can be dry if you have A/C, which pulls moisture out of the air just like a dehumidifier - in fact, once in an emergency we used our A/C to do so even though it wasn't hot. dryness can happen any time, so having and using a hygrometer and a humidifier can protect your guitar and keep it from cracking.
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