Hey guys, this is my first post on here and I seem to really have trouble with 3 string sweeps. I can do 5 string ones fine, but can't seem to get into the true sweep picking motion when I do 3's.

Normally when I sweep down my hand goes toward the neck pickup and ascends to the bridge, but on 3 string sweeps my hand always wants to go the complete opposite way kind of like I'm strumming a chord (neck to bridge descending or just completely flat up and down). Was just wondering if there's anyway to fix it or any exercises I can do.

Hi, a guitar instructor here. I wanna ask couple questions to better undestand your situation and hopefully give you the right kind of advice. Do you sweep with your wrist or with your elbow? And also, on your 5 strings sweep, can you do it clean with no distortion? And also, try doing, but each time a little slower and tell me if you having difficulty trying to make the notes even.

The reason I ask is because alot of times, situations like this occur because we don't have good technique and these questions can help me have a better grip of what is going on with your technique.