I have a copy of the rare Ride The Lightning where the vinyl is green and not blue. All the signs point to it being legit, the lightning bolt from James on the back cover reaches the spine, the catalog and matrix numbers match the ones I used as a reference from Discogs as well as asking around all match up. I was also informed that there are 1000 real copies that exist, 400 first press ones and 600 second press ones, I can't figure out which version I have, I hear contradicting things from multiple people. The vinyl I have has "Printed In France" written in small letters on the back near Cliff.
You would probably be better off asking on the metal-archives forums.

And for sure the best place to ask would be Thrashmageddon - http://www.thrashmageddon.com/forum/ but it appears to be down at the moment. Hopefully it comes back up
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