I'm rather curious on this...

my other guitar (a cheap guitar from a guitar kit) looks like a Fender-strat copy, and feels like nearly paper compared to my other guitar (ESP LTD MH-50)

Amazon says my MH50 is "10 pounds"

and it feels somewhat like a sack of bricks. (though only noticeable when playing standing up)

But back to the original question, is 10 pounds considered too heavy for an electric guitar?

It's a strictly personal thing; it would be a major discouragement for me. A few years back there was a lot of discussion about heavy guitars having more sustain, but you don't hear so much of it now.

I reckon that heavy guitars would be more accident-prone than light ones.
I have a Gibson ES355 that weighs 13 pounds. I can't play it for long.

I didn't know Strats could get that heavy.
Quote by Monkeyleg
I have a Gibson ES355 that weighs 13 pounds. I can't play it for long.

I didn't know Strats could get that heavy.

Yeah. I've got a Fernandes MIJ Strat (which I adore) that weighs more than my Les Paul. And I thought the Les Paul would be the heaviest guitar I'd ever pick up; it is at least 10-pounds. The Fernandes is closer to 12. I usually play it sitting down.

And, yes, the sustain on it is remarkable. (Should probably say that in a Nigel Tufnel voice)

ETA: And "too heavy" really depends on the person's size and strength. If you feel it is too heavy to the point of distraction, then it is too heavy.
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I look at it as 8 lbs is normal ...... anything more is going heavy ..... anything less is light ...... I have them between 6.5 to 10.5 pounds

on my heavy guitars I buy a nice wide comfy strap , the wider the strap is the better it is on your shoulder
that would be too heavy for me. i prefer my guitars 5.5 to 7 pounds.
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It's a personal thing. That would be far too heavy for me.
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I'd say that's really heavy, but it does come down to personal taste. I've stuck to SG's over the years because I don't like how heavy Les Paul's are, but even they vary. My '65 Junior feels like it's about half the weight of my two 2004 Standards. I just find if a guitar is too heavy it get's uncomfortable after a long gig or rehearsal.
I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Korean) that sounds great but weighs 11.3 pounds. I bought a very wide padded leather strap that makes it tolerable for a set or two but I don't use it to play an entire four set night on a gig. I don't know about the sustain idea but even if it's true I couldn't hold it for four sets. My other Les Paul's average about nine pounds each. I have an Epiphone Ultra that is chambored and only weighs 7.5 and still sounds like a normal Les Paul.
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There is no way that guitar is 10lbs. That's probably their estimated shipping weight. It's probably closer to 8lbs. It's not a heavy guitar.
I really like heavy guitars, I like something that feels like it has some substance to it and feels solid.

My Strat is the heaviest one I have ever found, it weighs pretty much the same as my Les Paul which is awesome.

I have been contemplating putting lead weights in my Ibanez, it feels pretty light.
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I would say thats probably borderline too heavy. I like my guitars to be around 9 or less. Anything more and its painful for me.

Like im not gonna be rocking a 13 lbs Norlin era LP thats for sure
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Quote by AcousticMirror
that would be too heavy for me. i prefer my guitars 5.5 to 7 pounds.

yeah. certainly less than 8 ideally.
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It is all about personal preferences... I like heavy guitars as I play 99% sitting down
10 lbs is for sure considered a heavy guitar !
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I, honestly, don't pay much attention to the weights of my guitars.

But if you're concerned, Weigh Your Guitar. Don't go by Amazon's average/guess/shipping weight. They can vary quite a bit.

Most guitarists have never weighed their own guitar; they're just tossing around numbers "as if." A guitar under 6 pounds is rare and usually either has the name "Parker" on the headstock or it has no headstock at all (Carvin's Vader V6, Holdsworth Headless, etc.). Most LPs are in the 8.5 to 10 lb range, but it's not all that unusual to find them at 11 or 12.
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Quote by AcousticMirror
that would be too heavy for me. i prefer my guitars 5.5 to 7 pounds.

Specifically what guitars do you own that you've actually weighed are in that range?
Quote by dspellman
Specifically what guitars do you own that you've actually weighed are in that range?

his prs hb spruce weighs about 5 pounds i think.

my tokai LS100 was just under 8 lbs.

my korina bacchus BFV was like, 4 pounds. the mahogany one was 5.8 lbs.

i have pics of the scale readings on the bacchus' somewhere, because i knew nobody was going to believe me.

i'm currently building chambered body ash strat with a mohagany 24.75 scale neck, just to see how light i can make it.
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-get a wider and thicker strap. the planet waves bass guitar strap is an excellent choice. you think a 10 pound guitar is heavy? try on a six string bass.

-go to the gym and work those traps and shoulders. i suggest shoulder shrugs on the smith machine or free form in a power cage. start with 2 45's. do 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps each. for shoulders try a shoulder press machine or go free weight with a spotter to watch your form. side laterals are another option. go light to start and concentrate on posture and movement.

-work that lower back. i suggest hyper-extensions on the roman chair. again 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps each. when you get better you can start using plates for more resistance.

-work those abs too. detail crunches are a good start. 50 to 100 reps. for extra points go decline with plates. then hit the exercise bike for 30 mins. start at level 8 and go with the random hill program.

lay off the beer, donuts, and smoke, do moderate weight training, and get cardio -and you'll be diced in no time. working heavy guitars will be a snap.
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IDK I have a BC Rich KKBEASTVNT it weighs in at a hefty 12.4 lbs. Maple neck-through with mahogany body, the body it quite large and thick, it doesn't really bother me to play it standing I just use a wide leather strap.

That's said I do prefer playing my lighter guitars for extended periods of time

If it were my only guitar I would not sell it the weight is not that much of an issue
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