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As the title suggests, I'm currently living in a townhome and now own a kit. I'm curious about sound/resonance dampening, mainly for the drum set, but if there are external solutions that would improve my other noises (ie instruments) I'd be happy to hear about them. I've heard of pads for the toms/snare, putting blankets in the bass drum, something called Moongel(?), and different kinds of sticks/brushes. Any advice would be appreciated.

This really is preemptive planning at this point. Some background here, I am not a drummer by any means, I own the set and have set it up but don't plan to play it until I practically find ways to be a respectful neighbor. I should note that I own a long, looong list of other instruments from guitars, bass, keyboard, banjos, mandolins, ukes... etc, some amplified obviously.

My neighbors on either side of me have rarely ever spoken to us, and quite frankly, we all mutually keep to ourselves. Personally, I have never once heard noise from either end, it's crazy really considering other places I've lived, elsewhere you can hear anything beyond literally paper-thin walls. From what I understand, according to the landlords, we have a double leaf - firewall - double leaf situation, supposedly very ideal for suppressing noise.

With all that in mind, I don't know if my neighbors are annoyed by music being played already, again they aren't talkers, and I wouldn't want to put ideas in their head about noise concerns without cause.

Let's presume I want to start elsewhere before straight up telling them "I own a drumset #dealwithit".

Mouse pads are great for dampening drums and cymbals. I put one on each tom and the cymbals. The Hi Hat actually gets 2, one over the top and 1 sandwiched between the hats. The bass drum gets a pillow inside and I use a 1/2 foam pad (like you would use to sleep on if you were backpacking) cut down to fit over the batter head of the bass drum. This reduces the volume enough that during the day the neighbors don't complain. At night I will use the pads but I'll also use Pro Mark (cool) rods to bring the volume down even more.
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Blasticks and ProMark Rods are the first, best option as anything you need to cover a drum or cymbal drum they automatically sound worse. They're also good for small, quiet venues where you absolutely don't want to overpower the music.

If you must cover the drums, and you'll still need to deal with your kick, then rubber dampening pads found at most major chains do a great job and still have some bounce. The rubber cymbal dampeners work too though unfortunately they don't sound great. If you can find a supply of neoprene you could make your own, though it is softer and won't give you quite a natural bounce. Moon gel is more for stopping the "ringing" and not so much for noise control.

Zildjian L80s and Remo Silent Strokes on all the drums. Using them now that we have a baby in the house and you can barely hear me playing in the next room.
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