I am trying to dispose some of my guitars and I have ppl asking to take over my 20 years old rusty bass guitar. Not sure whether it can still be repaired but the person who has wanted my bass guitar said he doesnt mind. It is a BC Rich four strings electric bass guitar. Why would anyone wants an old guitar ? Are old gears more valuable ? If so, shouldnt i just keep it ?
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It could be more valuable (price-wise, personal reasoning) to a person. Maybe it was a model that they idolized when they were younger, but became discontinued?

And sometimes, it might not cost a lot even if it's older and not in production. Take for example my Kramer Focus (listed in my sig), it was made in the 80s as a mid-level instrument and goes all day online for about $300. On the other hand, my father and I bought a 1965 Martin GT-75 for $600 at an auction and sold it for $1200. Its finish was worn out, yet we still doubled our money on it.

I think it all depends on the instrument in question and if it's a good investment or not. I'm sure if you post pics of it, people will be sure to help you out on it.
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Its probably just something the guy wants.

BC Rich guitars of 20 years ago aren't generally considered to be very desirable unless its something like a USA Custom Shop guitar. And even then, only a guitar player with particular tastes is going to want to spend that amount of money on a BC Rich.

BC Riches of that time just aren't perceived to be very good quality guitars and they only fulfill a niche market. Whether they actually are good quality or not isn't really the point. If perceptions are low, then demand will be low. And thus you can only expect to get little money for it.

Few guitars really go up in value over the life of the instrument. Mainly models and brands that are particularly well-known like Gibson, Fender and Martin.

I'd definitely say sell it to the guy who wants it. you're not going to find too many people who would be willing to spend a decent amount of money on a 20 year old BC Rich. So seize the opportunity while it's there.
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Most Basses have to be quite old to really be worth a good sum, I sold a 65 Fender Jazz a few years back, it cost £107 in 65 I got £3500 for it, I got £2000 for a pre 64 Burns Bass, new they cost $120.
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A good rule of thumb is that if John, Phil Star or I didn't buy it new as young players, its probably not terribly valuable in dollars, pounds or Euros