Check out my band "Strychnia" - We've been around for almost 8 years now and we've released an album, an EP, and we're currently recording a new album! We've got free music, cheap merch, and much more to come.

On our latest release - "Reanimated Monstrosity" EP (2013) we had John Gallagher from Dying Fetus do guest vocals on the self-titled track... and on the new album we're currently recording, we have Frank Mullen and Terrance Hobbs from Suffocation doing guest spots, and CJ from Thy Art is Murder as well.

Below you will find links to our music, merch, and social media!

Strychnia - "Reanimated Monstrosity" featuring John Gallagher of Dying Fetus:

Strychnia - "Slaughtered" (Pantera Cover)

Head over to our Bandcamp Page and you can download our debut album for FREE and you can stream our EP for FREE and buy it for only $5 if you're diggin it.

We've also got a merch special this weekend in honor of Saint Patricks Day... Use code 'HIGHRISH" to purchase our new "Reaper" shirt and you will get 30% off! Making the shirt only $10 USD.


Thanks for listening, hope you guys enjoy the music! \m/

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