It has been a fortnight since I have posted here, and it is very strange to wander into a forum that I perused so frequently only to find a strange, barren place. Not sure who posts here anymore.

Basically, I'm a big fan of the more old school metalcore style. Bands like Every Time I Die, The Chariot, He Is Legend, Botch, Norman Jean. I've been looking for new up-and-coming bands that kind of fit that style. Recs? I'd also love to wax nostalgic about these bands too if there is anyone left to do so.
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If you've got a real metalcore song that you want tabbed, let me know. I'll see what I can do.
I've pretty much heard all of those bands discographies, except He Is Legend. That being said, I love their I Am Hollywood LP. I really think ETID's last album, From Parts Unknown, is amazing and their best album. In addition to that, Ex Lives and Hot Damn! are particularly awesome releases from. I fucked with The Chariot and Norma Jean pretty heavily back in the day. Not as much now, but I still go back and jam them every once in a while. One Wing, for me, saw The Chariot finding the best version of their own sound and Norma Jeans last LP, Wrongdoers, was probably their best too. Botch are an obviously still one of the greatest metalcore acts to ever exist. We Are Romans and An Anthology of Dead Ends are some of the very best the genre has to offer.

If you like these groups, I heavily recommend Knut and Seizures if you haven't heard them. Really the only Knut album you HAVE to hear is Challenger. Knut is an older band, but Seizures started in 2011 and put out The Sanity Universal, a phenomenal metalcore record, in 2014. Narrows is also not new, but they're solid. Every musician involved has been in at least one good band before it. They've got Botch's vocalist.

This a youtube playlist for Knut's Challenger, but all I think all the stuff I'm talking about is on Spotify, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouvZamsE-GA&list=PLE45QzVYpWWAPVggNbn5dBvTjB1hMd_qF&index=1


I second Knut. Fucking great. Highly respectable 20 minute closer.

I don't really have anything to recommend. If chaotic is what you want then definitely check out Comity


Pretty awesome band that write longer compositions
I made a thread for them a while back
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

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Great rec, Kyto. That fucking rips and I'll definitely be coming back for more in depth listens in the future. Also, to millarso, there's probably no possible way that you listen to this music and haven't heard Converge. BUT if you haven't, I'd say there's no better, more consistently excellent metalcore band than them. Though they're more extreme, at their heaviest, than the bands discussed so far. Cave In's record Until Your Heart Stops is pretty essential in the genre, too.

Also, I forgot to mention this fairly awesome Italian group, Amia Venera Landscape. They're fairly chaotic metalcore at their base, with the occasional clean vocals. They're really eclectic, though. They mix a lot of post rock, post hardcore, and post metal into their sound, along with some ambient. It gives them a more epic and grandiose feel than many other bands in the style. I really love how they can weave back and forth between some pretty abrasive assaults and really beautiful sound walls while maintaining a consistent depressive atmosphere. They're probably the one of the strongest 2010's metalcore bands in terms of songwriting. I love what they do, but I guess I kinda want the production to be dirtier.


And I dunno how extreme you like your metalcore to go, but these guys take the sound Botch was working with and mix it with grind and sludge for pure fucking destruction.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQhjEaD8Lo That opening riff is just so FILTHY!