Hey guys,
I'm looking for feedback on this metal track in terms of the production quality. Right now its a backing track, so you can imagine a possible lead guitar or vocal being added. However I'd first like to know how well you think it sounds in its current state. I was going for an Amon Amarth feel as far as the production quality. Let me know what you think. C4C. Thanks


For those of you that don't know Amon Amarth here is a sample of their work. This is the sound I'm largely going for.

Thanks again
Hello there.

First off - nice work. Good performance, nice interplay of the different guitar parts, well timed for the most part (a couple of the bass notes in the intro were a little late but otherwise it sounded fine), and nice use of the mini kick rolls to give it a powerful feel. I like the sound of it and think it could turn into something really cool with a good vocal.

As for mix wise - I think your bass guitar is too twangy and mid rangey. I think some distortion on it would probabbly be a good start in heading for the sound you want. Then maybe take a look at how it sounds in the mix. I'm pretty crap at trying to emulate sounds so I cant give too much advice on how to sound similar to Amon Amarth. For what its worth it sounded generally in the right vein for me.

One other thing I noted - your cymbals sound very airy. I dont know if its the samples you are using or maybe EQ settings but it seems to be all up high with nothing in the mid range to give it any crash. It sounds very washy and whooshy to me.

Anyway - generally a well done track.

If you fancy the C4C - here is my track

I think the rhythm guitars need more punch. They're there but don't really stand out or scream power. Try adding some more mids to them (from the amp, not EQ)
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Quizzler, how many tracks are in that song? It may be fun to look at your files to see what can be done.

How did you record it, DI/sim and MIDI drums? Can you upload the raws somewhere?

Things are punchier, but now it's pumping a fair amount. I'd like to see what may be happening in the mix itself in terms of processing and settings.
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Do you have any dilithium crystals or fresh warm dumps for sale
I have a few suggestions:

First I think the bass occupies too much of the frequencies of your guitars and hurts your mix.This is probably the biggest problem with the track in my opinion. Turn up the lows and turn down the middle/treble. If done right, it should really complement your guitars.

In the main riff, (:20- :40) I feel like the kick drum doesn't have a purpose and is just generated with a preset midi, and doesn't add to the rhythm of the guitars. I feel like this is also true for the second riff. Make the kick more in tune with the guitars

Hi-hats are too loud.

I know you asked for mainly production value advice, but if you want to make this into something more than a backing track, I feel like the song structure is too ABABABABAB, except for that interlude.

I actually liked the tone of your guitars and thought it's close to the Amon Amarth sound you're going for. But it can still be improved upon.

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