Hey, I just started playing guitar a while ago and I'm learning scales. Does this scale look right to you? My teacher wrote down the G major scale for me but the G major scale I found on the internet has extra notes. I'm a bit confused to say the least and I'd appreciate a bit of help.

Here is the G major scale my teacher gave me:


And here is the one on google images:

No answers yet, so I'll try and help. I may not be the best at trying to explain it.

The bottom line is that what your teacher gave you is right and they are really the same.

What you got from the internet shows all the notes in the scale up to the 13th fret.

What your teacher gave you are seven finger patterns taken from the big picture, each starting on a note of the scale.
G A B C D E F#

When you say there are extra notes...for example the picture your teacher drew for the 6th position at the 12th fret doesn't include the D on the 6th string at the 10th fret. It's because the 6th finger position is built off the sixth note in the scale so it is using the E at the 12th fret as it's root note for that position. It still has the D at the 12th fret on the 4th string.

There are other possible patterns to use to play the G major scale, but the ones your teacher gave you are common ones and a fine place to get started.