I know the punk thread is pretty barren, but I feel like these genres are extremely rich and not talked about enough. Where are my powerviolence fans at? I always dug how powerviolence is pushing hardcore to its utmost extremes, but with nowhere near as much metal crossover as what you'd find with most grindcore. I like that limitation and I like the fact that it still sounds more like punk rock than anything. And I really dig emoviolence, too. I love regular screamo, and I love it even more when you push it to more kinetic, abrasive territory.

Awesome Powerviolence:









Awesome Emoviolence:





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So many killer bands mentioned there. Weekend Nachos, Nails, and Svffer are really cool too, although a bit more metal influenced I think. I totally forgot that Trash Talk was that powerviolence-y back then. Still a good band today, but damn they were awesome. Also, I'm proud that Iron Lung was originally from my hometown. Random, I know, but it's pretty rare that a band as good as them comes from Reno, haha. Got to see them a while ago too with Black Flag I think.
Weekend Nachos are awesome, especially their album Worthless, and I love Nails, but I'd sooner call them a conglomerate of all things extreme than just powerviolence. But that's really splitting hairs. I'll be sure to check out Svffer, too. I agree about Trash Talk. Their powerviolence era was their craziest. I feel like they kind of fell off after the Awake EP. No Peace was an outright disappointment. Also, it's really sick that you and Iron Lung have the same hometown. Definitely something to be proud of. That show with Black Flag must've been unreal.
I'm with Kyto here, know nothing about this, but looking forward to checking it out.
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