Hello all,

Please bare with my extremely newbish questions but i have no knowledge yet about electric guitar stuff.

I recently bought an Epiphone Les Paul Special II jump start kit which comes with a small amp (Electar 10).

First problem i am having is that, when i inject my headphone, the guitar doesn't become silent, meaning that others can still hear my strums. Should this be something of a problem or is it normal and expected?

Second question is that i am unable to reach a tone which sounds something like this: https://youtu.be/ToMfs7H3EPc?t=56. It rather sounds like: https://youtu.be/vGpoPLpqc-w?t=144

What do i have to do here? do i get a new amp or new strings?

Please advise.
Pushing the phones plug in the socket should stop the sound coming out of speaker (but OBVIOUSLY you can still here the guitar!). If it doesn't the phones socket is probably wired incorrectly.

I don't know what you mean about the sounds, both sound OK to me, the first one is probably using an fx pedal as well as an amp.
the first one sounds like it might be a better amp (or just a better recording), but other than that I'm with PSimonR, they both sound fine to me. Are you on the bridge pickup? The first bit of the second video is the neck pickup, then he switches to the neck. also do you have your guitar's volume and tone knobs up full?
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Not all amps mute speakers when headphone is plugged... My Marshall used to do so while my Laney IRT Studio doesn't... However, you should still hear the raw strings sound coming from the guitar in all cases !

For sound comparison, I agree with Dave, sounds like a better amp. Usually amps within starter kit are not that good sounding. They are made to do the job for learning and practicing... Once you have the cash to do an upgrade, do it !
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Well, the first video sounds like there's some reverb and maybe a distortion pedal to get that kind of smooth distortion. Even if your amp has those effects built in though it will probably sound more raw like the second video. Maybe if you can go to the store and try out some pedals.