So I've recently disassembled my Fender Stratocaster Knockoff (Glen Burton) to paint and put back together for an art project. The project has taken me about two weeks or so, so the guitar has been apart for a total of 2 to 2 and a half weeks give or take a few days. I don't care about the guitar too much, if i was to break it in the process it wouldn't be much of a loss, but since I've put multiple weeks of effort into painting it, I'm a bit upset about the coming up issue. After repainting it, reassembling, and restringing, I realize I need to adjust the truss rod, all the strings were buzzing extremely bad from the 7th fret back. Of course at the time it seems as no big deal, I go to my tool box and grab a few allen wrenches and test them, not using much pressure, just to get a judgment of what size I would need. (considering they're all rusted and unlabeled) Once I found the one with the snuggest fit, I loosen all the strings and proceed to tighten the truss rod but all that happens is a unreal amount of resistance from the nut when trying to tighten it then the allen wrench popping loose. Now I cannot even turn it without it spinning freely. I realize that the nut is probably stripped, but I don't know if its my fault. If you have any simple solutions or even semi complex ones, please help me out, I'm really hoping to use this guitar in future Jazz Band concerts!
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Sounds like you're broken the truss rod.

If the neck is buzzing from the 7th fret down, that's because the neck is in a backbow and the truss rod is too tight. Not too loose. You shouldn't really be trying to tighten a truss rod if its already super tight anyway.

You can probably forget about using the guitar in jazz concerts now.
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The symptons sound like backbow, and as TDB says, you don't want to be tightening it if that is the case. Could the hex wrench be the wrong size and spinning around in the nut? You might be using US sizes in a metric nut, close but not close enough.

You can buy special hex wrenches from Stewmac that grip the inside of worn hex nuts.