I'm assembling a Strat, and today put in the pickups, switch and pot.

I've never bothered to take a meter to the wiring on a guitar, but thought I'd check all my solder joints and wiring.

In measuring the resistance between the input tab and the sweep tab, I was expecting the resistance to steadily increase as I turned the volume knob down. It didn't, though. It would increase as I turned the knob lower, but at about the 5 mark, the resistance would decrease as I took the volume lower.

Is this normal?
Never mind. I overheated part of the outer ring when I soldered on the ground wires. Time for a new new pot.
The tiny screw up notwithstanding, you do realize there are two different types of "tapers" in potentiometers?

Log taper, (logarithmic), which is normally used a a volume control. (at least in audio amplifiers). This type of pot won't evenly track the metered resistance in relation to the position of the slider.

And "linear taper" pots, (normally used for tone controls in amps), which will track the measured resistance exactly as their name would imply.
I have and Ibanez two pickup electric guitar for couple years bought new. Discovered that a couple of wires came off and not sure where to solder them back :-(

First is the three way switch the black wire is disconnected, does this get soldered as a ground where the other black wire is soldered?

On the tone pot the Green Wire is twisted to the white wire which is soldered to the terminal but I cannot imagine that it was installed that way just bare twisted no tape. Is the green wire supposed to be soldered to the top of the tone pot? Also the black wire you see is just hanging out, is that also a ground that should be soldered to the top of the tone pot?

Any guidance appreciated!
You really should start a new thread on your problem in the Gear Building and Customizing section, where it would get the attention of the guys who do this kind of thing a lot.

The black wire on the switch should go in the same place as the other black wire, both are ground. the two white wires are hot, one to each switch position, which is how they are now.

The black wire on the tone pot should probably go to that big solder blob on the back of the pot.

If you don't know how to solder well, take it to a tech who does. A cold solder joint will pop loose, and usually at the worst time...like halfway through a killer lead onstage...been there done that...

Post a thread in Gear Building, I may not be right about the wire on the tone pot. I think that's where it goes, but not positive.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...