I'm new to the ipad world and loving it but there is still so much to learn. I have a Griffin Smart connect and it got a short in it so im now in the market for a new interface. Looking for suggestions. I will be using auria for recordings bias for recording my guitar and still trying to find what to use for drums. I have a single monitor that I also use. Can you recommend an interface? I looked at some of the interfaces but they dont all have outs for my monitor. I'm thinking either focusrite isolo, apogee jam 96k or irig hd. for my needs which would you suggest? can you suggest a drum app for rock music for a guitar player?
IMO, the Apogee Duet or RME Babyface are the best iOS devices out there but are pricey.

I've heard good things about the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo as well, and is significantly cheaper.
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One more thing....I play rock/metal and i'm looking for a good keyboard app that has a wide range of sounds, most i have seem are for electronic music...any suggestions for an app for keys thats isnt so geared for electronic music? I dig the sounds in garage band but i'm staying with auria, also any good apps for a sampler? your suggestions are apppreciated
Look at IK again, Sampletank possibly. Why not just forego the tablet and get yourself a PC or Mac and do it for real, the tablet is still quite gimmicky for full blown audio work.

I feel you can do some decent songwriting on it now, but I wouldn't want to do a full album with it.

Maybe check on some iPad forums, SoundonSound.com now has a feature about tablet recording and they review apps all the time, so maybe they'll know better what to recommend on synths.

What you need exactly? There are pads, orchestration, choir, pianos, etc., maybe you'll have to narrow it a bit more.
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Garageband for ipad is hard to beat if you need great drum samples and credible keys that sound like a grand piano or Hammond B3 at full shred. If you still like another DAW for mixing, just load GB and use it as a tool to create your samples and cut/paste your tracks to any modern DAW. Easy breezy.


Apogee Duet is one of the cleanest interfaces for ipad application.

The whole point of using an ipad for recording is to do the most with the least. Minimal gear, maximum results. If you completely adopt this concept it can take you far.

Get real about your goals, budget, and recording experience and be sure that they fall in line. If budget and experience are approaching zero, learn to master Garageband with your projects first and then the transition to an industry standard DAW like Logic Pro or ProTools will be a snap. Garageband is a great tool for beginners to learn the process of multitrack recording in an intuitive way and still get excellent results. Recording skill is just like guitar skill. It requires a lot of time and practice to master. Start at the beginning and take it one step at a time.
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