Thank you for the reviews! Now your music: "My Leg is Asleep/Aleep": Intro (actually the whole song) is sounding nice. Kind of reminds me of Pink Floyd. Some good vocals would be a plus, but it sounds quite good as is. Audio quality is very good. In my mind, it would be best with a video/TV show/movie. "Looks Like Fish Heads": this one sounds more prog metal to me. Reminds me a little bit of Rush. Impressive that you could play that tight to the complex rhythm. Interesting little bridges(?) here & there, if you could call them that (not meant to be derogatory). The vocal clips/sound effects add to the song. Crazy song & recording (in a good way)!
nice songs dude, (I'm listening now "Sara")...
I specially like the way your simple melodies improve for something bigger!

Don't stop!
Nice dude! I'm listening to The Great Southern Gas Leak, you've got good creativity and nice chops!

The production is good, but it sounds kind of raw, instrumental music is a great chance for using reverbs, delays, all kinds of fx. The music itself already fits the post-apocalyptic theme I see in the tracks' names, but IMO you should play around with the mix/mastering chains to try and make the tracks sound clearer, you know, give them more personality.

I'm doing instrumentals too for now, I'm subscribing man!

really impressive works! I listened to The Great Southern Gas Leak first. I like the sound of the guitars, they are well suited to the style of the track. Theres a lot going on in the track and the performance is pretty flawless. I often have problems getting into instrumental tracks - they generally dont grab me all that much. But I have to say I didnt get particularly bored despite the mammoth length of the track.

I also listened to Probing Uranus - just so I could say I enjoyed Probing Uranus! I really liked some of the synth stuff in that one.

The riffs on Zombie Express were probably my favourite of the ones I listened to. It had a heavier vibe which is more up my street. I liked the Resident Evil samples (big fan of the games).

Really good work man.
Thanks for the feedback fellas!

AvoidingBee7 - Thanks mate!

aaron aardvark - I was actually ripping off Porcupine Tree but they rip off Pink Floyd, so I guess it's second hand plagiarism...?

portugal_mak - Thanks man, glad you liked the song.

VStratto Music - I know what you mean man. I wanted a more 'real/raw/live' sound to stop it sounding too digital. However the guitar tone does sound a bit lifeless and dull sometimes but I dry tracked everything so maybe I'll do some reamping in the future? If I can be bothered...

Rabid Badger - Thanks mate. If you think 'Gas Leak' was long 'Gasphyxia' is 27 minutes long! Too much time on my hands I guess... If you liked the Resi/Metal combo check out 'Ramon Salazar', 'The Sample' and 'Absolutely Annihilated', more of the same...