Hello everyone, i need your help. i ordered my first 7 string, a jackson js22-7 dinky. its a 26.5 scale and has jackson high output pickups. but i looked at that other guitar "cort evl-k47b" its a 27 scale and EMG-HZ7 Humbuckers. its a bit more expensive but i am willing to pay for quality. so which one should i get?


Jackson. Corts are not known for outstanding quality for money.
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Jackson. Corts are not known for outstanding quality for money.

Neither are Jackson's JS guitars in all fairness. And that's coming from someone who loves Jacksons.

It was a little bit silly making a thread about what guitar to buy right now when you've already ordered one, TS. But in my experience, you get what you pay for when it comes to such cheap guitars. And you don't have to spend very much more money at all to get something that is drastically better made and with better features, when it comes to said cheap guitars.
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its a bit more expensive but i am willing to pay for quality.

You're down in a price range where you're not paying for quality.
You're getting basic functionality, seven strings and a black paint job.

If you want to budget for anything, budget for a Really Good Setup by a Really Good Tech (with fret leveling where necessary). It will likely improve the playing quality of either guitar.
Man... $280 for a NEW 7 string? Not going to be great quality... Personally I would have gotten an Agile Scepter 727. And why black???????? There's so many amazing guitar finishes out there, beautiful wood grain... and you choose the most boring, dull, typical angsty, edgy teenage color...
I tried out a JS22-7 myself. I thought the frets would tear up my hand (brutal). I've never had the impression Cort was anything worthwhile.

Might see if a Washburn WG-587 pops up.

Oh, wait, http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Washburn/WG587-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-111926704.gc

Ibanez 7321 is another one, but those usually run a bit more used.

If you want new, Agile is the closest to your budget. Seriously, look used. Also, learning to set up your own guitar would be a good thing to think about.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer
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