Hi all, first of all i apologize for mi english, i hope you forgive my mistakes.

Well, since a few months i've been foolin´ around to get my desired tone for my guitar equipment. I've got a POD XT fx Modeler for guitar and a 100 wat head and cabinet marshall amp. it's impossible for me to get the pure tone of the POD with a standard guitar amplification due to the frequency range and another details. But when i connect my POD to my pc speakers that sounds awesome, and my goal is to build a amplification system like the pc speakers.

The speakers sytem i'm using are the Logitech Z523, with 40 wat and 48 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response. I just want to create the same system than these speakers but with 100 or 150 watt.

Can anyone here tell me what i need to build that system?? i'm going to use the marshall cabinet with two beyma 12ga50 FRFR loudspeakers, i just want an amplification system for them with a standard jack input and that's all.

Thanks in advance.
Not sure what sound you are after, but i recommend you check out speaker brand like: Eminence, Jensen, Weber, and hmmm forgot the name but there are more brands out there, make sure you are using clean channel on your amp.
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So you want the sound of your POD on its own?

Guitar amplifiers usually have their own sound. If you want the original sound unchanged, you're better off connecting your POD to a PA system. The simple solution would be to buy a powered PA speaker (Mackie, JBL, Electro-voice etc.).
I'll try with the PA system and i'll see what happens. I'd like the inside speakers to put them on my marshall cabinet.