Hey all.

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I would like to start practicing again. I have attempted to learn to play the guitar many times but always give up because I don't progress real quick. And I account this to not knowing what to do. Not the lack of practice. If I had a clear path to follow I would do much better, as I have the time to put into it at the moment. And would like to take it seriously. I have searched the topic and haven't found what I am looking for.

I have an hour a day in the morning and an hour in the evening. Through out the day I may pick up the guitar and mess around a bit. But I have seen people get better results by taking the breaks between sessions so they don't get burnt out.

Chuck Schuldiner and Mark Morton are my two fave guitarists. I would obviously like to aim in that direction. I plan on starting my journey tomorrow. Being Monday. All I have to start with is a random book and dvd I found at a second hand shop that goes over all the modes. I find playing this stuff more fun than general chords. But anyway.

What I am asking for is a break down of what I should practice. As in the specifics. Could somebody give me a schedule I could work off. Like play this for this long. Or practice this technique for this time period. Unfortunately the best way for me to learn is to be told what to do and then be left on my own. I cant work it out for myself. Thanks to anybody who can help.
The problem with regimenting practice for something brand new to you is that you'll start diving into music theory and are more than likely to be unfocused or bored.

When I started 15 years ago, (and this is a controversial point) I began by reading tab and worked to quickly be able to play a song by an artist that I wanted to play. Preferably something with open chords, single picked notes, and that you honestly enjoy playing.

The scales, modes, melodies, harmonies, sheet reading, and the like all come second to personal enjoyment. If it stops being fun (in literal, and in abstract or from a cross application standpoint) you shouldn't be doing it.

So - What do you enjoy listening to? What do you want to play? What do you think is reasonable? What are your goals for this?

And - I recently restarted playing after a 2.5 - 3 year break. Putting an hour in one day shot my fingers in the foot for about 3 days. 15-30 minute sessions, enough to develop calluses while still able to make progress is ideal.