Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and guitars. I picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a little Peavey Rage 158 for a smoking deal and have been learning to play for about a month. The other day I scored a Crate Blue Voodoo 6212 for free! The guy owned it for about 6 months and it started having no sound output. He had the tubes replaced, and let it sit in his closet for years and years and finally decided to cut it loose.

First of all, my guitar is good, and my cord is good. The tubes light up as well. When plugging into the input jack on the front, you don't get any guitar sound. The amp hums, and if you touch the strings, you can hear the amp make noise, but no guitar sound. If you turn the amp waay up, you can faintly hear the guitar sound. Sometimes you can hear some popping and loud hums if you fiddle with the cord plugged into the input.

I saw another guy tried plugging into the effects return line in the back to test, so I decided to try it to help the process of elimination and it worked! The amp sounds great, and didn't have any issues. Does this mean I have a bad input? Would that point to resoldering, or getting a completely new input jack? Thanks for any helpful input!

Tom in Alaska
First of all congrats on a nice score (especially since it was free!).

Moving on to your issue, my guess would be that a ground connection in the input jack either got loose, broke or it may be a cold solder joint. Either way it can be easily fixed but the insides of a tube amp can be dangerous (deadly even!), so unless you have some knowledge and experience with tube amps, just take it to an amp tech and have him fix it for you. The repair should be cheap and you won't be risking death by electric shock.
What it means is that you have a problem somewhere in the preamp section, which starts at the input jack and ends just before the phase inverter.

Posting your question in the following thread is more likely to get you the help that you need.

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