This morning I go to a pawn shop near my house and I found a really nice looking Yamaha guitar(it's electric guitar) and I really dying to buy it....until I saw it actually was a left hand guitar....and I'm a right hand guitarist...so here the quiestion
1-is it possible to play a left hand guitar if you are a right hand person
2-am I have to learn guitar using my left hand(but it will take a long time
3-is it possible to do some modification on that guitarr like change the position of the string and maybe change bridge....and will this guitar work if we change the string position??
(I'm so sorry for such a long question...but I really like that guitar and plan on buying it
It is just as possible for a righty to learn how to play a lefty as it is for a lefty to master a righty.

In the past lefties HAD to. I've seen 3 different methods.

1) lefty flips a righty guitar and learns to play with the strings as is. That means playing all the chords upside down.

2) lefty flips a righty and restrings it to be normal for a lefty.

3) lefty learns how to play righty.

And of course, a righty could do likewise with a lefty, if so motivated.

But here's the thing, lefties already get screwed in the guitar market by (usually) paying more and having fewer guitars to choose from. Odds are good that you could find a right-handed version of the guitar for the same or better price.

...and not screw a lefty axeman by poaching the guitar.
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Possibility? yes it is possible...
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Of course you can, but its completely pointless and counterproductive. All of that muscle memory you have gained from playing guitar after so many years of playing is completely out of the window. You'll play guitar like you haven't played in your life and you'll only get better through years of re-learning what you've already learned playing a right-handed guitar.

Just buy a right-handed guitar. Learning to play left-handed defies common sense.
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Thank you for all reply ...I guess I have to forget about that guitar and wait for another greet guitar to arrive in here any way thanks for all reply...I really appreciate it
Why the hell would you want to. I am lucky to be left handed but play guitar and shoot a rifle right handed just about everything else I can do with either hand. There are more right handers on the walls of music stores then left and they also tend to cost then leftys.

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