How would I wire this, the position closest to the neck would be the "dark circuit" (with either a 0.1 µF or 0.05 µF cap, still deciding), the middle position would be a blender pot that would blend between all neck, to both on, to bridge only. And the bridge position would be the cocked wah mod (still debating caps for that). It would have a volume control but no tone control.
Can't do that with a standard 3-way switch. I don't think they make a 3-way super switch either so you're going to have to figure something else out.
So the blend would replace the tone control? I can see a way for that working quickly in my head as I'm visualizing it but honestly a concentric volume pot or fender S1 switch seems the best idea. That or you can sneak an extra sound or two out of a super 5 way or a regular 4 way tele switch.

the only issue I have with the blend pot is you may never go 0% in either pickups volume , but i'll draw out some ideas and see what I can do tonight.

this is a concentric pot by the way, I just got two in , these are B250k/B250k, the shaft is similar to a CTS pot so if you've got import electronics you may have to widen the hole like i did on my bronze series warlock (bc rich)

if you've never used concentric knobs i did this when i got mine in