Hi everyone,
I was going to post this on the Fender forums, but Im having trouble logging into the site, so I thought I would post it here instead.

I want some help identifying a Fender Telecaster.

There is no serial numbers on the headstock or the neck plate (as I will show in the pictures) and that is what has lead to my confusion as to how old, or what model this Telecaster is.

There is some numbers and stamps in the neck pocket that are visible once the neck has been removed. It looks like the stamp might say "2013" at the end, but Im not 100% sure.
There is a "ROAD WRN" stamp under the scratch plate which does lead me to believe that this is just a Road Worn model but Im still not sure of which year.

Anyway, you view these images at this link and maybe someone will have a bit more knowledge about it then myself:

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the body doesn't look like any of the road worns i've seen. the neck and electronics might be fender but i have my doubts on the body.
If it's a road worn, somebody's done some further DIY "wearing" on it, for sure. The serial on a road worn should be on the headstock, it almost looks like it could've been scratched off to me but I could be wrong. If it's not there or if it's scratched off I'd have concerns.
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There is a telecaster thread in the Electric Guitar forum; when you can I would post there. No serial number is a red flag.