Hello there.

Thanks for the crit on my track.

Not sure whether there is an issue with soundcloud at the moment but I was getting some weird glitchy playback that wasnt happening on other tracks.

The guitar tone for this is pretty good overall. The lead parts are perhaps a little shrill - maybe roll off some of the high end on those tracks. There are a few places where the timing could be tightened up a little but other than that it sounds generally good.

Mix wise - the guitars are a little loud and overpowering. The drums are sort of lost in things. I always aim to have kick and snare quite prominent to give a feeling of power (not that I always end up with that as the end result - but it's my aim at least).

The composition is nice. The 2 guitar parts play nicely together and create a good overall sound. Not sure if I would call it melodic death - it could be thrash in my mind - but my genre differentiation often gets raised eyebrows. Genre doesnt really matter anyway - its a cool track.

I'd say the tone is a minor lack here, but let say that there's some weird compression around guitars. When lead is playing something different to rhythm, the lead just disappears (or vice versa). Playing after second "intro" was off-time imo. I'd say otherwise your kept on time mostly. Keep on training those chops, because at the moment the lead especially sounds tonally-wise a bit bad. It comes with experience. After good amount of practice, this track will sound great.
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