Im wondering if anybody would mind glancing an eye over the wiring diagram i have put together before i start soldering it and if there are suggestions for improvements.

Im building the a DIY kit at the moment using the gear it came with and an extra kill switch

Running 3 pickups, each (inc the humbuckers) only have a signal and ground wire.


5 way selector ( 7 connections)

1x volume pot

1x tone pot

normally closed Kill switch (a wee extra)

output jack

I have attached my sketch

thanks for your help
DIY Wiring Diagram 1.jpg
ground and hot lead both go to the killswitch , but other than that this looks good, when in doubt there's always seymour duncan generated diagrams, they did

by the way the ground is a trail to the guitar , the way it is in the diagram is wrong, this is how i do grounding below

this is how i do killswitches

and grounding properly
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Instead, look at the wiring for the Gibson MIII.
It uses a single miniswitch to choose two different wiring systems for the 5-way.
System one runs the 5-way as if it were on a strat and all pickups are selected as single coils.
System two runs the 5-way with humbucker mode bridge only, bridge+Neck and humbucker mode Neck only on the first three, then a different setup for bridge+Neck (I don't remember) and all the way forward is OFF (like Kill).

This avoids an accidental "kill" if you hit the miniswitch, gives you bridge+neck (Gibson middle position) in humbucker mode.
Thanks for the advice. The pick ups all work though they arent great sounding (thouggh suspect thats the pickups). No hum and all switching but the kill switch isnt doing anything.

I edited the wiring as per below
DIY Wiring Diagram 1.jpg