Alright, so I've had the Behringer G700 for a while, now - it's a cheaper copy of the widely popular Boss GE-7 for those who don't already know. A great graphic equalizer with powerful tone-shaping capabilities, a milimeter here and there can completely transform your tone - which is why I bought it. The thing is, whenever I would use the Behringer, it would give me this horrible hissing sound that I could barely hear when playing at low volumes at home, but as soon as I crank the volume up with my band, there it is. Since we play a lot of post-rocky stuff, we have songs that go from very, very quiet to very, very loud, and in the quiet parts this hissing is very apparent, and very annoying.

I've been planning to upgrade to a Boss GE-7 because everyone seems to like it and everyone's been giving it good reviews. I've no doubt that it's good, even the Behringer is very, very good at giving me the tones that I need. If it weren't for that hiss I'd never replace it.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same kind of trouble with the BOSS. If not, it's the first thing going out of my next paycheck.
Well the Boss pedal is a huge upgrade from the nasty Behringer copy but it is buffered bypass so it might degrade the tone somewhat. I recommend going for MXR eq, either the 6 or 10 band, you can find them used for half the price. I like them better than the Boss, but the Boss is not bad by any means.
I don't care much for true bypass to be honest, I have a fairly simple setup (three pedals at the moment, EQ would be the fourth) so I never had any issues with my tone degrading. I'll check the MXR out though, thanks for the tip!
MXR 10 band.
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Yeah the MXR 10band is a great EQ, used it runs <$75
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I've always found ge7's to be noisy too. Buy an MXR.
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I've always found ge7's to be noisy too. Buy an MXR.

OR you could buy the MXR.