Actors branch out. Film makers buy more gear. You missed music theory.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
I can relate to the " you can't talk to anyone about music anymore" one. Also, to an extent, the genre one.

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It was fine, I got a chuckle or two reading it. Not sure why the hate in this; it was just a light hearted article.



People hate when other people express creativity and dare to promote themselves.
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Theory: Not rules, just tools.

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*note that by fan i mean that guy who wants his friends to know he knows this totally obscure hip band that only he knows about with 236 views on youtube. lookin' at Kev here
One interesting thing about "you can't talk about music anymore" - I've actually gained a better appreciation of the music on the top 40 by understanding what makes it clever, whereas the average musician will shun the music simply because it is being performed by Beiber/Rhianna/Katy Perry etc.

It's almost like because they've identified themselves as a musician, they have to shun musicians who habe seen a greater level of success, not even stopping to consider the quality on their music.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
AlanHB makes an excellent point. As a musician you can appreciate another persons work even if the genre of music is not particularly to your personal taste. The average listener (a non musician) hears a song or a particular band or singer and bases their opinion solely on whether or not they find it pleasing to them personally in some aesthetic way. A musician will use a different set of parameters in judging the music or the performance. You may not like a particular band but then hear a song they did and admire the solo on one of the songs or the arrangement, dynamics, the vocals or harmonies or maybe just one aspect of that song. My personal collection of music contains albums and CDs that most of friends would not appreciate but they contain something that I admire strictly as a musician.

This also happens for me as someone deeply interested in audio recording. I have CDs that I bought because the recording quality or some technical aspect of the recording was unusually high or ground breaking but the music on the CD was something I had no interest in. My judgment in whether or not I will buy a CD can be influenced by the producer or engineer. Most people have no idea who Bob Clearmountain, Alan Parsons, Mutt Lange, Bob Rock, Lord Chris Alge or people like this are but they can actually influence my buying decisions as much as a particular artist. By the same token I can be persuaded to stay away from a recording by some producers and engineers whose work I don't like.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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