My current setup is an Orange Micro Terror and Palmer 1x12 with a Vintage 30 speaker. I love its sound, but I need a more distortion for some of the music I play. Currently I usually have the gain at around 2 to 3 o'clock, sometimes 4. I do not go higher because the kind of distortion it gets is not the one i need when more distortion is required. This setup excels at Tool tones, for example, but I also need to get thrash sounds out of it.

I am then looking for a pedal that gets me more gain, and eventually some EQ capabilities. What pedals do you find would fit this job? I believe overdrives are not recommended, as they are made to push the amp so it distorts, and what I am looking for is a pedal that creates the distortion itself.

Thanks in advance!
I got a Suhr Riot last week and I been having a blast with it. I use a clean amp but when I kick that bastard on it gets heavy as hell, but nice and tight. It has gobs of gain on tap.
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Maybe try this with clean setting with a distortion in front, maybe "Pisdiyauwot" used (about $120):

or a Blackstar HT-Dual (overdrive and distortion in one):

You could also try gain stacking, these amps should respond almost like tube amps so maybe a Joyo Vintage or Ultimate overdrive.
Thanks for the suggestions guys! I will check them out.

In the mean time, what are your thoughts on the Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box and Flux Drive and Wampler Triple Wreck? These are at a higher price point, but I would still like to know what you have to say about them.
All Mesa is awesome, Throttle Box is very good.

Since you're looking at higher end stuff...

While you're looking at Mesa, check out the V Twin though, they never managed to top that.

Other worthy mentions:
Tech21/Sansamp TRI-AC, GT-2, DoubleDrive 3x, British and US Metal
H&K Tubeman II
Carl Martin Plexitone

Honestly, if you're going that high, it might be a better idea to get an Orange Tiny Terror combo (or Peavey Valveking) and overdrive pedal and it will probably sound better as that amp is limited on speaker size.
Looks like they go about $500, so if you sell your amp you'll come out about even but with better amp. Trust me, I compared the two and stayed with the TT combo.