Ok so, i play for a percussion ensemble and i use my fender jaguar classic player through a fender champ 100 and i use live wire cables. Every once in a while my jag starts this static noise that sounds when my hands are not tounching the guitar. changing the pickup controls does not fix it. However, if i touch any of the strings, the bottom or top metal plate, or a screw near the pickups, it stops. If i touch the pickup it becomes very loud. I took the cable out and when i toughed the metal on it the static became unbearably loud. The cable is nearly new. Any suggestions on stopping this hum??
you likely have a bad ground. possibly the strings aren't grounded, if so it is a quick and easy fix.
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+1 ground issue. if its not a hurry, next time you change strings.. open up the electronics cavity and check the shielding (shielding paint needs to paint even, or if you prefer copper tape), check the ground wires from all metal surface. i suspect the ground wire coming from the bridge is loose.
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