I have recently been trying to change the strings of my Ibanez s420 from the default 9s to 10s. However I've been running into some problems.

I haven't been able to get any of the strings to the right note (except the 6th string) without the string flying out of the bottom at the string retainer/clamp. The string retainer/clamp is holding on the strings as strong as possible without tightening the allen screw too tight. Each of the strings seem to be around the level of tightness they should be, although each string is at a way lower note (the 5th string is at F2, 1st string is at A4). I have increased the spring tension, since I've moved to a thicker string, but this hasn't really made a difference.

This is the first time I've changed the strings on this guitar, but I always managed to change the strings on a yamaha pacifica easily.

Thanks in advance.
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The string retainer/clamp is holding on the strings as strong as possible without tightening the allen screw too tight.

How do you judge "tightening the allen screw too tight"? I'd say if the strings are coming out you're probably not tightening it enough
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I'm assuming it is an Ibanez Edge or some other type of Floyd Rose style tremolo. Where the strings go into the saddles, you have to cut off the ball ends and clamp them down, right? Make sure you push the strings into the the saddle and keep pushing to keep them tight while clamping down with the Allen wrench. You don't want to overtighten but you do want to tighten down enough. Then actually pull on the string. If it comes out, it wasn't tight enough. Unclamp it and repeat until the string at the saddle end is very tight.

Then string everything up and tune up to pitch. If your bridge comes forward, you need to tighten your springs. If your bridge sinks down, then you need to loosen the springs a bit. You need to balance string/spring tension. If you can't get it, best advice is to take it to a guitar tech and have him show you how to do a setup. I remember my first Floyd I had similar problems and thought there was something wrong with the guitar.
Thanks dhguitarplayer, that is correct. I will double check to see if the strings are in securely. Although, they do seem very tight for being at such a low note, I'm just afraid of the strings snapping completely.

I'll try and tune them to the correct note and let you know how it goes.
I used to own an Ibanez s570 (which also has a ZR) and I had the same problem initially. The problem for me came from the fact that when you take the old strings out the bridge locking clamps aren't open enough to get the new string the whole way in. If you further loosen those clamps and make sure that the string is right at the very back of the slot (they can go in to around a centimetre from my memory) then you'll get rid of the issue entirely!

Good luck