Or to be more accurate the fingerstyle version of a great song? The song is 3 Libras from A Perfect Circle and it's arranged and performed by "Fingerstyle Phil Jakes". I've reached out to him and he doesn't sell tabs or a lesson on the song so it's fair game (unlike say Kelly Valleau who makes his tabs available via subscription service). Just wanted to be clear that this isn't an attempt to pirate or anything.

Here's the performance. I gave it a shot but I couldn't get the timing right and am still learning timing. It's in 6/8 which loses me even further. Song is in original tuning down a step and a half. The beginning is exactly the same as the original so the first 10-12 bars are a simple copy and paste into GP if that helps. Seriously thanks to anyone willing to try and attempt this.

Tuning: C# F# B E G# C#


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