I have one! It's a fully-functional, blues tone machine - all original, save a refinish that I had to do (long story). It's back to its gold/copper glory like they all were sold in back in 52-57. I'm the 2nd owner, after my grandfather.

It's in what I would describe as Very Good condition and comes with its original, wicked hard to find, case. I'm not going to make this post very long, as I figure anyone who knows what this is and wants it will reach out. Make me an offer/offer + trade an American Fender Tele. I'm not trying to be greedy on this and I know that people search for a while trying to grab one of these. If you're that person, I'd rather you have it and not have it go off in to the eBay ether, if you know what I mean.

What's Original:
Pickup, pots, knobs, wiring, tone switch, tuners, frets, input jack, input jack plate, scratchplate, wood bridge, saddle, nut, all screws except as noted below.

What's not Original:
Paint, strap buttons (trust me, you don't want the originals), jack plate screws

Please contact me for questions/offers what-have-you. I hope this post finds someone who has been looking for one of these - I know they are kind of niche.

Cheers, Tom
I apologize. I forgot to post the title properly, can a mod edit to FS/FT 1955 Harmony H44 Stratotone NV USA Make Offer

Sorry about that.