I have been listening to different metals and find some really catchy song and it needs a 7 String (I know I can just tune a 6 string down to drop B) But I felt like once in my life time I should get a 7 String
I got 400$ budget (I know its not that much)
I am willing to go new but if there's a nice used 7 string it will be another choice but I am thinking mainly going with new
I don't really know that much of a 7 string I just want a cheap decent 7 strings for its price passive pups is another one I should mention that I already got both Active and Passive 6 strings already but if there's a 7 strings that got a powerful passive in it should be really great.
i'm currently looking at
-Ibanez GRG7221
-LTD M-17
-Schecter C-7 Deluxe
Thank you
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Id take the Schecter, simply because it has a longer scale length. I have a jackson with the same scale length and its much nicer to play than my 25.5" 6 strings tuned to B. The ibanez gio series arent really great guitars from my experience, so i wouldnt take that, but i have no experience with other two companies low end guitars.
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I'd go for a Legator, they do some amazing guitars for the money in your price range as well, or the Schecter Deluxe, but on the used market, you could be a lot better off with some quality Ibanez guitars showing their heads as well as couple of other brands.
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I have the Ibanez GRG 7221 you mentioned and as far as the neck, fretwork and hardware is concerned it is a pretty good guitar for the price.

The electronics are pretty shit however and it could really benefit from a pickup swap and all new wiring, pots and switch.
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Are you in the US? If so look at Agile.
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I picked up a Schecter Damien Elite 7 in metallic black with really nice abalone gothic cross inlays and binding on the body EMG 81/85, Grover tuners Graphtech nut, string through hardtail it has 26.5 scale.

I wanted a seven string but didn't want to pay big bucks for one as I am really a six string guy.

I got Damien in mint condition for $300 used and it satisifies my needs for a 7 and then some, it is a very good axe for the money, and plenty of nice used ones around.
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I'd go with an Ibanez RG7321, good modding platform. I am a huge fan of my Schecter, but to be honest its the only schecter I have played that I liked.
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