Almost at the 3 month mark of playing and all is mostly going well. I am having some issues on fretting and releasing and no sure exactly how to explain it. I'm getting a lot of extra and unnecessary noise from fretting and releasing, like I'm tapping and doing a pull off or something. Just simply fretting a string produces a note, then releasing is the same. I think the action might be a little high but the guitar seems to have some fret issues in the first place so if I go any lower it will be buzzy. I'm using 9 gage strings. Just wondering if there are any tips or exercises to help with this issue. I've also hit kind of a road block, the material I'm working with has me at the point were I need some serious finger stretching, cant do it yet...so I have just been solely working on scales, (The Gig bag Series) there's 180 scales in there so I got plenty to do until I get my finger working right.

Anyway thanks for any help.
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It`s normal Strings start to vibrate when you fret them or release without muting. What you should practice is right/left hand muting.
Gotcha, thanks. I think that, along with shitty technique, high action, low budget guitar, might all play a roll.
Flying in a blue dream