Hey there, everyone!

So, for a long time I've been using my trusty Boss GT-10 as my main board.
I run it directly to the PA, when I perform live with my band. Actually works great for me!
Normally I create my patches with headphones, but I'm slowly getting a little tired of doing that.. Also I think I might get a better result with some studio monitors. There's just one problem... I know nothing about studio monitos..
I would like to connect my GT-10 to a pair of studio monitos, and really listen closely to the patches I make.

Actually I've been looking at these two monitors:

1. Fluid Audio FX8

2. Fluid Audio F5

Please, let me know what you guys know about these or any studio monitors.
I kind of do not know what to look for!

i owned some jbl lsr series, those were pretty awesome.
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