That's me. My name is Joseph Hurst. I have been addicted to music since I first heard ACDC I knew I would take the highway to hell all the way to the top!!! I have spent almost every day of my life learning about music and art.

Look me up on Facebook - Joseph Hurst

I can play any instruments known to man...especially stringed.

So what about the music? I decided to be "the new Hendrix" or perhaps "the metal Hendrix". I learned to fuse pyschadelia with mainstream metal such as Pantera. How's it sound? To a classic rock riff junkie? Awesome! I rule the Axe!

The music on my page is just a quick attempt to jam freestyle and give people a sample. Check it out.... All original on the spot rifftastic goodness.

I love to improvise and do it every time I play. I can even shred piano now because of my scalar knowledge.

Please listen to my music and help me get rolling!

I promise to work my buns off all day and bring you the greatest shows on Earth!
Quote by dicemonster51
I can play any instruments known to man...especially stringed.

Oh yeah? Prove it.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Looked up Joseph Hurst, found nothing

You'd think the new god of rock wouldn't have all that trouble posting a link to his page

I do want proof about you being able to play all string instruments known to man or being the new "metal" Hendrix though, don't dissapoint us dude!
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