I am what you might call the "Worlds Cheapest Guitarist". I have neither the funds nor the space for a traditional wall of pedals and amps no matter how much I might desire them. Over the span of about one year I have primarily used a Zoom G3X for effects. Recently, I have learned of all the digital options available. It seems the software and VSTs, however versatile and packed with usefull features they may be, just aren't realistic. I'd like to find something (costly or not) that is.
(I've heard many good things about Bias Amp and FX and used the demos, any thoughts on those?)

And yes, I am aware of the ever ongoing debate of "Digital is great" and "Digital sucks". Hell, I'd rather not have to resort to it, but it's what I've got. I also get that no tone, digital or not, will be a magic match. Good tone is crafted, not found.

I play primarily metal. 8 string deathcore, djent, etc. Music that require tone that is as defined and articulate as it is crushing and in-your-face.

If it helps, I have a Schecter Platinum 8 going through my G3X (I use this more as a USB interface than a processor) to PC which runs Cubase LE 8 for mixing.
Check out LePou stuff like the Le456 (Engl) and the Lecto( mesa). Theyre both high gain VSTs thats sound great and are free.

You can also grab the TSE X50 (6505) and they make a Tubescreamer VST as well.

You will need impulses and a cab simulator as well. Lepou has a cab simulator and impulses you can find online. Some for free and some are paid. I like Catharsis inpulses and Kathleen ones.

Rosen does pay impulses too that sound nice

PS Bias is a VST
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There are no perfect guitar rigs, either tube or DME. I can get really good Jimi, SRV, Gilmour, Edge tones from a Vox Tonelab LE. It is less convincing for hi gain stuff. The Pod HD or bean will do very convincing hi gain but is not as good for vintage tones IMHO. AXE is a very expensive and highly marketed DME that has produced some of the best, and worst guitar tone I have ever heard. It is very user dependent as all guitar rigs are and is not the $3k magic pill some might suggest. Choose the right tool for the job.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
Whether you're a bedroom guitarist or gigging makes a difference. The easiest/cheapest solution is probably an HD pod. You can get some good tones out of those, run two rigs, plenty of effects, connect to amps, PAs, computers, whatever.