I am seasoned guitar player whos main influence s include dying fetus, hate eternal, nile, morbid angel, old vile, vital remains, immolation, suffocation...list goes on..top influences are by far hate eternal and nile..I have three tracks recorded over drum program so you get the idea. A good friend of mine is going to help me as his side project for he is in a touring grind band already but he is a savage on the mic and well seasoned in the music he doing for long time. I dont know if he would ever jump ship to me but he will go out his way if I get band together and can get shows, festivals and hopefully we p ut ep out maybe whole album and get this show on the road. I work in uniom drilling company out of jersey woek in ny and am in philly on weekends. I will go anywhere to complete this. An amazing death metal drummer is hard to find and are the back bone of the band. I put alot of times imto my riffs and harmonys and I take it very serious and devote time and emotion and stayong up all night before I gotta go to work to get the sound I want. I am open musician and not ego head.. I love this music I love to play it...and im damn good at making it. 666 boys in here. Please email,call text I don't give a shit. If you DM drummer and want to hear what I got. Give me your email and ill send the three songs I have recorded right now. Or here is link to songs ovet drum programming on sound cloud so u get the idea.